1. Background activation

a. In group of 2 or 3, students name at least five American cities you know.
Now, you can have a look at Google map and see where those cities are located.
There are around 38 places called Sprinfield in US, find some of them in the map.

Ver mapa más grande

For those of you that are curious about those places called Sprinfield this seems to be a good answer.

b. Open discussion about different political systems (L1 or L2).
- Apart from democracy, which other systems do you know?
- What is the difference between the political system in your country and the one in US?
- What would you like to know about it?

c. Complete the following democracy and goverment vocabulary quiz.
To do that activity you might use this vocabulary list

2. Getting to know

(Grasping the story)
a. Watch the first part of the episode, then do the quiz where you have to match the pictures with their meaning.
the video
the quiz


b. Before you watch the second part, go to this page and read about Washington monuments. Now watch this part of the episode and take a note of the buildings and monuments Lisa visits
- Work in groups of 3 and try to reconstruct the situation in each of the scenes in those monuments (writing).

(Working with the language)

c. You are going to work with some parts of the episode. Use the file linked here .

(Getting deeper inside)
d. In groups, you are going to read about democracy, independence and other important issues reflected in this episode
. Your teacher will decide how the reading and the follow-up discussion will be done (e.g. each group will choose one or two issues, read and explain to the rest of the class). Use the links below:
The declaration of independence
Judicial branches
Freedom of speech
Explanation of the bill of rights

e. Watch the whole episode again; pay attention how those issues are tackled in the episode.
Your teacher may give you the whole script before this second play of the episode.

3. Follow up activities

a. Watch, listen and read the patriot essays, Choose one of them, rehearse and read it aloud to your classmates or group. Then you can record it with Audacity.

*This youtube video about Washington D.C. can be seen as an extra activity after some of the previous activities. Your teacher can comments on the monuments as you watch the video together.