The Simpsons 302 Lisa goes to Washington

Plot summary
In this episode Lisa takes part in a Reading Digest contest writing a patriotic essay. She reaches the final and wins a trip to Washington DC. However, Lisa's faith in democracy is shaken when she sees her local representative taking a bribe for a permit to cut down Springfield National Forest. Then, after visiting Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial for advice, she decides to use her freedom of speech and reads a different essay. Her speech has an immediate impact.


- to learn about political systems; democracy and how it works
- to get to know some American history: the declaration of independence, the patriots, Lincoln, Jefferson (visit to the memorial)
- To understand "freedom of speech" in America (Lisa's essay)
- to reflect upon corruption and about how justice works in a democratic system (liberty, truth and justice)
- to analyse some aspects of American society: race diversity and immigration (participants in the contest)
- to learn about geography and monuments (Washington D.C., Jefferson Memorial, The Capitol, etc.)

- To practise listening comprehension
- to revise and learn vocabulary related to democracy, politics, freedom and justice
- to learn everyday English (i.e in the plane, in the hotel, etc.)
- Analyse different ways of writing an essay

- to exercise reflection upon social and political issues
- to exercise autonomous learning (listening)

Content topics:
- use of democracy
- freedom of speech
- America as a nation of immigrants
- geographical situation of the capital of the Federal Government of US
- historical monuments in Whashington.

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1. Background activation
2. Main tasks
3. Follow up activities

- Video
- Compilation of scripts and comments
- Contest essays / Quotes and scene summary